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Catch of the day: Suncare

La Roche Posay

What: La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Ultra-light Spray

Why: With my sensitive skin, I like to apply a SPF 50+ sunscreen. Alas, most SPF 50+ sunscreens are sticky and leave white marks. Not this one. Formulation-wise, this one is perfection. Super light AND high protection. Because tomato red skin is not a good look.

Green Factor: Unfortunately not. Please, please leave your comment if you know a natural sunscreen which is light and has high protection. Much appreciated!

Where: Falken Apotheke, Lucerne (CH)

Also available in: many other pharmacies


Catch of the day: Setting Mist

Supergoop Setting Mist

What: Supergoop Setting Mist with Rosemary SPF 50

Why: I don’t always like to apply sunscreen, but I want to be protected at all times. This refreshing setting mist with SPF 50 is the solution. I just spray it on as a finishing touch to my make-up in the morning. Great stuff!

Green Factor: May contain palm oil, but apart from that, there is nothing irritating in this super product.

Where: Sephora, The Maine Mall, Portland (USA)

Also available on: If I only knew!