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Food scout – sweet edition


Food scout

Here, I’m sitting at Parrilla Argentina Miranda in Buenos Aires, indulging in a wet chocolate cake with passion fruit – catapulted into another world, not responsive to the outside world anymore – including my best friend Inma who took this shot. Do you know that feeling? When you can’t believe what’s happening right now – the most perfect, delightful combination of fresh ingredients that burst into life in your mouth in a symphony of delicious flavours. Aaaaahhhh… This only happens very few times, but when it does, you’re in heaven. And you will never forget those moments. On my extensive travels around the world, I was lucky enough to come across a couple of those heavens. Sweet heavens and savoury heavens, it is. This weekend, I thought I start to list you my sweet sins. (more…)

Bath lover

Bath UK

I love Bath – and this time I don’t mean my favourite room in the house, but this dreamiest most picturesque town in southwest England which looks just right out of My Fair Lady. I visited Bath for the first time last year after my boss’s wedding and didn’t know what to expect, but only after a couple of hours strolling around, a big fat smile plastered onto my face, I decided this little town made it straight into my personal Olympus of all-time favourite places on earth (and I’m picky; not many make it there!). (more…)