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Catch of the day: Body Oil

What: Ligne St Barth Coconut Oil

Why: Just too good for my dry skin, so nourishing! And it smells like a tropical island. But watch out! Coconut oil naturally solidifies at temperatures below 25 °C. Simply reheat the bottle under warm water (does not affect the quality!) – or as I do: use it in summer (it’s anyhow a summer smell).

Green Factor: Yup, all natural!

Where: Art Deco Hotel Montana, Lucerne (CH)

Also available at: Look for spas with Ligne St Barth products


Catch of the day: Browning Lotion

What: Maui Babe Amazing Browning Lotion

Why: This is not your ordinary self tan. You don’t just slather it on an let the lotion work its wonders. You rather put this one on BEFORE your sunscreen when you go to the beach. Then the lotion will work its wonders: it accelerates the sun triggered tanning processes in your skin. Amazing. Apparently it’s an old Hawaiian family recipe. But watch out and don’t wear white – it stains!

Green Factor: All natural Hawaiian ingredients. BUT, unfortunately they didn’t leave it at that: contains mineral oil. Why oh why?

Where: My bestie Inma brought me a bottle back straight from Maui.

Also available at: www.beautybay.com


Catch of the day: Face wash

What: Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser

Why: In the morning I don’t have to remove make-up, but I still like to wash my face with a gentle cleanser do get that fresh feeling of freely breathing skin. This one from Australian organic brand Grown Alchemist with its delicate blend of botanical extracts smells fantastic and leaves my face fresh, calm and soothed.

Green Factor: Full of organic botanical ingredients and powerful natural actives. So good!

Where: www.feelunique.com (not available at the moment)


Catch of the day: Hair mask

What: Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

Why: Once a week, I give my hair that extra treat with a good hair mask. This one is more than good: it’s awesome! My hair always feels so soft and rejuvenated, and my scalp all healthy and good. Only downside: the dispenser. I don’t like it. It only releases a tiny bit, so you have to push something like 20 times.

Green Factor: 100% natural rainforest grown

Where: www.beautybay.com (currently not available)

Also available at: www.niche-beauty.com

Catch of the day: Body Lotion

What: Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion

Why: My dry skin needs its daily portion of a good moisturizing body lotion. This one is all natural, non-greasy and melts into my skin easily, leaving it well nourished. Not such a big fan of the smell, though… But since I like the formula I don’t give up on them and try a different scent next time.

Green Factor: Yes, yes!

Where: Migros, Länderpark Stans (CH)

Also available at: Drugstores


Catch of the day: Shower gel

What: Caudalie Shower Gel in “Zeste de Vigne”

Why: I can’t repeat enough that your skin will thank you when you go sulfate-free with your shower gels. I really like Caudalie’s, and its “Zeste de Vigne” flavour is my favourite. It seriously smells good enough to eat.

Green Factor: All Caudalie shower gels are all ultra-gentle and plant-derived.

Where: Pharmacie De L’homme De Fer, Strasbourg (F)

Also available at: Drugstores