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Catch of the day: Shower gel

What: Caudalie Shower Gel in “Zeste de Vigne”

Why: I can’t repeat enough that your skin will thank you when you go sulfate-free with your shower gels. I really like Caudalie’s, and its “Zeste de Vigne” flavour is my favourite. It seriously smells good enough to eat.

Green Factor: All Caudalie shower gels are all ultra-gentle and plant-derived.

Where: Pharmacie De L’homme De Fer, Strasbourg (F)

Also available at: Drugstores


Catch of the day: Micelle Solution

Catch of the day: Tooth Oil

What: Ringana Tooth Oil

Why: When you once start checking the list of ingredients of ordinary tooth paste, it scares the hell out of you, which is why I was looking for an alternative. This tooth oil is based on the tradition of the ayurvedic oil-pulling and sucks the toxins out of your mouth, leaving behind a clean, antiseptic oral environment. My teeth have even become whiter and my gums have greatly improved.

Where: www.ringana.com


Catch of the day: Cuticle oil

What: Cowshed Apricot Nourishing Cuticle Oil

Why: I love, love, love Cowshed. Starting from the hilarious product names (check out their range!), the cool packaging, and in particular, the seriously high quality of all their products. And it’s all organic! This cuticle oil adds shine to my nails and helps me keeping any dry, stubborn cuticles at bay. Great in winter times!

Green Factor: All Cowshed products contain natural botanicals from sustainable resources containing the highest quality essential oils. Any questions?

Where: Babington House, Somerset (UK)

Also available on: www.cowshedonline.com