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Love, Grace

Guys! I have some serious beauty news to share. And it’s worth so much more than my usual “Catches of the day”. A couple of weeks ago, lovely Grace from BE. Love Grace told me about her fabulous new beauty online shop where she sells Asian sheet masks and asked me whether I was interested in trying them out. Since – as you know – I’m quite conscious about ingredients, I first wanted to know a bit more about those masks. (more…)

Catch of the day: Blush

What: Dior Cheek & Lip Glow

Why: Incredibly pretty, subtle and weightless colour that gives you this post-exercise glow. Without the exercise, it is. The texture is a gel which dries into a seamless, flat stain that you can’t even feel on your skin.

Green Factor: Errrr… unfortunately not… The cute package pulled at my strings. Guilty!

Where: Boots on Piccadilly Circus, London (UK)

Also available at: Perfumeries, Sephora, department stores


Catch of the day: Micelle Solution

Catch of the day: Booster

Clarins Booster

What: Clarins Booster Energy

Why: Skin revitalisation for sleep deprived new mums – just mix a few drops with any face cream. Love it!

Green Factor: Clarins is not a natural cosmetic brand, hence I don’t usually use their products. Its boosters have no scary ingredients, though, so I love mixing a few drops into my usual face cream after a sleepless night.

Where: Marionnaud Pilatusstrasse, Lucerne (CH)

Also available: in pretty much every perfumerie