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Love, Grace

Guys! I have some serious beauty news to share. And it’s worth so much more than my usual “Catches of the day”. A couple of weeks ago, lovely Grace from BE. Love Grace told me about her fabulous new beauty online shop where she sells Asian sheet masks and asked me whether I was interested in trying them out. Since – as you know – I’m quite conscious about ingredients, I first wanted to know a bit more about those masks. (more…)

Catch of the day: Sea salt spray

What: Sachajuan Ocean Mist

Why: This amazingly smelling spray gives my fine hair just the right texture, volume and body. It’s also light and doesn’t make my hair feel or look greasy. I love, love, love it! On my second bottle now.

Green Factor: Nah… But again: as long as it’s for the length of my hair only, I’m OK with it.

Where: SpaceNK, Cambridge (UK)

Also available at: In Switzerland you can buy it at Jelmoli – or online on www.feelunique.com


Catch of the day: Lip primer

What: MAC Prep + Prime Lip

Why: I love seriously red lips when I go out. It gives you that instant Parisian girl vibe. But red lips need to look perfect and mine just never did. Until Angela told me about this MAC lip primer. I now always swipe it on pre-stain for a bold red Parisian lip that won’t smudge anymore. Hooray!

Green Factor: Not at all… Does anyone know a natural lip primer? Then leave your comment!

Where: Manor, Lucerne (CH)


Catch of the day: Self Tan

What: St. Tropez Gradual Tan Classic Everyday Body Lotion in Light/Medium

Why: The one and only self tan product I’m seriously addicted to. Since I’m rather fair-skinned, I reach for this one as soon as the sun comes out in spring, i.e. now. It gives me that instant healthy touch of bronze, but very gradually, very naturally. It never streaks and it only smells the tiniest bit. I use it about once or twice a week.

Green Factor: Erm… unfortunately not.

Where: www.lookfantastic.com

Also available at: Globus, Manor


Catch of the day: Body Oil

What: Ligne St Barth Coconut Oil

Why: Just too good for my dry skin, so nourishing! And it smells like a tropical island. But watch out! Coconut oil naturally solidifies at temperatures below 25 °C. Simply reheat the bottle under warm water (does not affect the quality!) – or as I do: use it in summer (it’s anyhow a summer smell).

Green Factor: Yup, all natural!

Where: Art Deco Hotel Montana, Lucerne (CH)

Also available at: Look for spas with Ligne St Barth products


Catch of the day: Browning Lotion

What: Maui Babe Amazing Browning Lotion

Why: This is not your ordinary self tan. You don’t just slather it on an let the lotion work its wonders. You rather put this one on BEFORE your sunscreen when you go to the beach. Then the lotion will work its wonders: it accelerates the sun triggered tanning processes in your skin. Amazing. Apparently it’s an old Hawaiian family recipe. But watch out and don’t wear white – it stains!

Green Factor: All natural Hawaiian ingredients. BUT, unfortunately they didn’t leave it at that: contains mineral oil. Why oh why?

Where: My bestie Inma brought me a bottle back straight from Maui.

Also available at: www.beautybay.com


Catch of the day: Hair styling

What: Björn Axén Strengthening Primer for Fine Hair

Why: I have rather fine hair, so I use this luxurious, creamy hair primer before blow-drying and styling and it really helps to protect, nurture and strengthen my hair. It has a super nice texture, is not sticky at all, and has a very pleasant smell, too. A little goes a long way. I never use more than 3 pumps for my medium-length hair.

Green Factor: Nope :-(

Where: Lucky me won a whole Björn Axén set from Annabelle Beauty Glückslos (www.annabelle.ch)

Also available at: Department stores


Catch of the day: Shower gel

What: The Ritual of Dao Shower Foam

Why: Mmmmhhh, what a treat. This gel transforms in a rich, creamy, moisturising foam as soon as you start massaging it into your skin. So relaxing. I always feel a bit like when I got this fabulous Turkish soap foam massage in a Hamam.

Green Factor: Errr… unfortunately not.

Where: Gift from my dear friend Claudia

Also available at: Rituals stores around the world