Catch of the day: Blush

What: Dior Cheek & Lip Glow

Why: Incredibly pretty, subtle and weightless colour that gives you this post-exercise glow. Without the exercise, it is. The texture is a gel which dries into a seamless, flat stain that you can’t even feel on your skin.

Green Factor: Errrr… unfortunately not… The cute package pulled at my strings. Guilty!

Where: Boots on Piccadilly Circus, London (UK)

Also available at: Perfumeries, Sephora, department stores


Catch of the day: Shower gel

What: Caudalie Shower Gel in “Zeste de Vigne”

Why: I can’t repeat enough that your skin will thank you when you go sulfate-free with your shower gels. I really like Caudalie’s, and its “Zeste de Vigne” flavour is my favourite. It seriously smells good enough to eat.

Green Factor: All Caudalie shower gels are all ultra-gentle and plant-derived.

Where: Pharmacie De L’homme De Fer, Strasbourg (F)

Also available at: Drugstores


Catch of the day: Micelle Solution

Catch of the day: Makeup

What: Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15

Why: I have been using this powder makeup for *years*. Whenever I’m in a bit of a hurry, this is what I turn to. It comes with a little brush, and with the help of it the buttery smooth texture blends to a seamless, incredibly light, satin-matte finish.

Green Factor: Nope, unfortunately not natural.

Where: Marionnaud, Länderpark Stans (CH)

Also available in: pretty much every perfumery


Catch of the day: Tooth Oil

What: Ringana Tooth Oil

Why: When you once start checking the list of ingredients of ordinary tooth paste, it scares the hell out of you, which is why I was looking for an alternative. This tooth oil is based on the tradition of the ayurvedic oil-pulling and sucks the toxins out of your mouth, leaving behind a clean, antiseptic oral environment. My teeth have even become whiter and my gums have greatly improved.