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Food scout – sweet edition


Food scout

Here, I’m sitting at Parrilla Argentina Miranda in Buenos Aires, indulging in a wet chocolate cake with passion fruit – catapulted into another world, not responsive to the outside world anymore – including my best friend Inma who took this shot. Do you know that feeling? When you can’t believe what’s happening right now – the most perfect, delightful combination of fresh ingredients that burst into life in your mouth in a symphony of delicious flavours. Aaaaahhhh… This only happens very few times, but when it does, you’re in heaven. And you will never forget those moments. On my extensive travels around the world, I was lucky enough to come across a couple of those heavens. Sweet heavens and savoury heavens, it is. This weekend, I thought I start to list you my sweet sins. (more…)


You guys! I’m back from a really wonderful trip around New England. From Boston heading up north along the coast to Bar Harbor, then over to the forests of New Hampshire and Vermont – indian summer at its very best, I tell you! Through Massachusetts back to the coast and a cosy, relaxing ending on beautiful Nantucket. Lucky me, I know. But gosh, was I suffering from the worst jet lag back home. So, there we go: you still can’t expect too much from me by now. Sooorry! But I’m showing you some masterpiece I brought back from the States that helped me at least faking eight hours of rest (even when four was the furthest that happened this week… Sympathy, please!). And since that’s not too much for the first post in weeks: followed by a selection of pictures. Hooray!


Bath lover

Bath UK

I love Bath – and this time I don’t mean my favourite room in the house, but this dreamiest most picturesque town in southwest England which looks just right out of My Fair Lady. I visited Bath for the first time last year after my boss’s wedding and didn’t know what to expect, but only after a couple of hours strolling around, a big fat smile plastered onto my face, I decided this little town made it straight into my personal Olympus of all-time favourite places on earth (and I’m picky; not many make it there!). (more…)


Travel guide Sils Engadin

It’s become a tradition to celebrate Swiss National Day on 1 August in the beautiful Alpine village of Sils Maria in Engadin. Sils is just about a 15 minutes’ drive away from world-famous and bustling St. Moritz, but a world away from all its glitz, glamour and fuss. It’s surrounded by impressive mountains and gleaming emerald lakes, and you may feel like in a fairy tale when you arrive. The air is fresh and crisp, the Fex river – all milky from all the glacier-water it brings – burbles through the village, the sun sparkles. I just love it. (more…)

My favourite eats in Lucerne – part 1

Lucerne eats

My hometown Lucerne is a very pretty – I even dare saying *the* prettiest – town in Switzerland. Surrounded by snowcapped mountains, sitting on the shore of the stunningly beautiful cobalt blue Lake Lucerne, and sprinkled with bridges and an elegant and well-preserved old town from the Medieval, Lucerne has been one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist destinations for more than a century. Lucerne is small and cosy, and whereas I find it exciting to explore new spots when I’m traveling, I enjoy returning to my old time favourite restaurants in Lucerne over and over again, many of which have been here forever. And in each restaurant, I have found over the years my one and only favourite dish to which I will always be devoted to. Here are the first five of my standards. Check out The Roaring Prettiness next week for five more to come.


French Beauty Supply


I’m pleading guilty: I’m obsessed with basically everything French. French food, French fashion, French architecture, French movies – and yes, French beauty products. Lucky me, France is just a stone’s throw away from where I live. The perks of living in Switzerland, really. (more…)