An egg-cellent Easter decoration


I love the Easter holidays almost as much as Christmas. And while there’s something to be said about curling up in winter, I always get very excited when the days finally become longer and filled with light again – a sign that Easter is on the fast approach. I’m very much looking forward for the whole family to get together at my parent’s house next weekend and decided to whip up something for the Easter table.  (more…)

Gin gin!

Gin gin

I’m not much of a cocktail drinker, but I do love a decent G&T. Ah, but not just any. For me, the joy of a gin and tonic very much depends on the booze you choose, as well as on the quality of the tonic water. I personally really like the following gins: (more…)

A random act of kindness

Random act of kindness

Every once in a while, I like to surprise friends and family with a little home-made treat, be it to cheer them up, to thank them for something they’ve done for me, or just: as a random act of kindness. Recently, I received a small bottle of rose essence and thought it would be perfect to use for white chocolate pralines in the shape of roses. No sooner said than done! And they are so easy to make. (more…)

It’s tea time


Today I want to tell you about a simple yet immensely useful product: my Japanese disposable tea bags. When winter has snuck up on you, there is nothing more comforting than lighting a candle and pouring a nice cup of tea. And as easy as it is to just throw some pre-bagged tea in a cup of hot water, I personally much prefer loose tea leaves. Just the smell of it when you open the tea can!