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Here’s looking at you, kid

Under-eye correction

Had a late night? Say goodbye to those stubborn under-eye circles that inevitably come with it. The trick is to add two easy extra steps to your make-up routine – one before and one after applying your concealer, it is. This doesn’t take much time, but trust me: it really makes the difference! (more…)

Nail it!

Dior Creme Abricot

Do you also have such problems with cracked cuticles and split nails? Ah, all the things I’ve tried. From bathing my fingers in a bowl of olive oil to taking food supplements in pursuit of healthy nails and nail beds. Nothing really worked.  (more…)

French Beauty Supply


I’m pleading guilty: I’m obsessed with basically everything French. French food, French fashion, French architecture, French movies – and yes, French beauty products. Lucky me, France is just a stone’s throw away from where I live. The perks of living in Switzerland, really. (more…)


Nail polishes

Once again it’s this time of the year: spring in its full bloom is here! And with the first ray of sunshine I not only change my wardrobe from dark and gloomy to bright and happy, but also my nail polishes. (more…)

You are my N° 1 (respectively 7)


If I had to choose one product I wouldn’t want to miss anymore, this would be it: Boots’ N° 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask. I discovered this magic in a bottle by pure coincidence a couple of years ago when I was visiting friends in London. I was browsing a Boots store in search for a certain beauty product I couldn’t get in Switzerland and saw this mask on display. Since I have rather dry skin and always like trying new products, I thought why not give it a try. Even more though that it was on a special 3 for 2 offer. (more…)

Smells like winter

Smells like winterLast Christmas I received this most amazing aroma body butter from Aldo Vandini. It smells of tamarind and ginger and has just the perfect texture. It’s light enough for your skin to quickly absorb it, but at the same time it’s rich and creamy, and a proper feast for dry and sensitive winter skin like mine.  (more…)

Scrub it!


Once a week I love a good scrub. It helps combat dull skin (especially during the dry winter months) and leaves the full body with a healthy glow and a feeling of pure freshness and cleanliness. (more…)