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Call me a beauty freak

Call me a beauty freak

Oh hey there, strangers! I’m so sorry *again* for the radio silence here on The Roaring Prettiness! The reason for me going completely M.I.A is that I became a mum in April, and as you can imagine, it is life changing, overwhelming, fantastic! And also, time just flies when you have a baby, which is why I came to realize I cannot go on with my blog the way I was used to. But that doesn’t mean I cannot do anything, does it? So, I started thinking.


Smart & Clean

shower gels

Did you know that most shower gels are chock-full of sulfates? Sulfates make lots of foaming bubbles, help you to stay fresh, and leave your skin smelling clean. Nice, right? But did you also know that sulfates are also commonly used as pesticide and herbicide, i.e. to kill plants and insects? And also to wash the grime-encrusted wheels of your car? Sulfates are highly toxic, cause skin irritation and really dry it out. They even promote hormonal disruptions. Ah, the list goes on. Yikes! And shockingly enough, even so-called natural cosmetic brands use sulfates in their shower gels. But don’t you worry. After a bit of research I found out that there are still many sulfate free alternatives out there – and they’re delicious. Here is a selection of shower gels I use regularly: (more…)

Fake the bake

Fake the bake

Hey guys! At the moment, I’m not quite sure if we Swiss are ever going to get a proper summer this year. Raindrops keep falling on my head… Ah well, it doesn’t mean we cannot at least look like we tanned on a tropical beach for two weeks. Here’s how I fake the bake:


Roaring Favorite Serum – a real game changer

Pestle & Mortar

Ever since I read The French Beauty Solution by Mathilde Thomas, I’m on a hunt for natural beauty products. It’s scary and made me angry when I found out what inferior and cheap ingredients even the most expensive beauty brands use in their products. Hence, when I accidentally discovered the newish Pure Hyaluronic Serum from Irish brand Pestle & Mortar which is 100% free of animal derived raw materials, free of parabens, free of fragrances, and not tested on animals, I had to give it a go. (more…)

It’s a masks world


Oh hey there, dear readers! Sorry I have been completely M.I.A. on The Roaring Prettiness. But I shall be excused as so much has been going on in my life. But I’m back now. Talking about face masks. Especially in very busy times like now, I love to pamper myself with a good relaxing face mask. After years of trial and error I can now round up the face masks that are pretty darn good for whatever complexion concern I might be dealing with right now.

Meet the four masks that actually work and aren’t just a bunch of fake promises:



You guys! I’m back from a really wonderful trip around New England. From Boston heading up north along the coast to Bar Harbor, then over to the forests of New Hampshire and Vermont – indian summer at its very best, I tell you! Through Massachusetts back to the coast and a cosy, relaxing ending on beautiful Nantucket. Lucky me, I know. But gosh, was I suffering from the worst jet lag back home. So, there we go: you still can’t expect too much from me by now. Sooorry! But I’m showing you some masterpiece I brought back from the States that helped me at least faking eight hours of rest (even when four was the furthest that happened this week… Sympathy, please!). And since that’s not too much for the first post in weeks: followed by a selection of pictures. Hooray!


Darling, please stop. You’re making me blush.

You're making me blush

Blushes, for me, are one of, if not my favourite and most frequently used beauty products – probably right there with mascara. Blushes instantly give you a healthy, fresh and glowy look, no matter how bad you slept (and that without the strong coffee). It’s really important, though, to find the right colour! Only natural blushing feels good and looks beautiful. For me, for example (fairly light skin, brown eyes, dark blonde hair), apricot doesn’t work – as much as I wished it did. Over the years, I dedicated to the following blushes: (more…)

The best-smelling body lotions ever

Body Lotion

A good body lotion, used every day, can help maintain the moisture levels of your skin and keep it well protected. It makes it look and feel amazing. For those of you who don’t like to invest those extra 5 minutes every morning into your beauty routine, I suggest to splurge into a greatly scented body lotion, and I promise you: caring for your skin will become something wonderful you’ll actually look forward to. Here are my personal favourites: (more…)

Now smell this – summer scents!

Summer scents

Summer is in full bloom, and so I’ve added scents to my life which remind me of sunny days on the beach, balmy summer nights out with friends, long hikes in the Swiss Alps, and lazy lunches on bougainvillea-covered terraces overlooking the Mediterranean. Hooray for summer, my favourite season! (more…)