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Here’s looking at you, kid

Under-eye correction

Had a late night? Say goodbye to those stubborn under-eye circles that inevitably come with it. The trick is to add two easy extra steps to your make-up routine – one before and one after applying your concealer, it is. This doesn’t take much time, but trust me: it really makes the difference! (more…)

You are my N° 1 (respectively 7)


If I had to choose one product I wouldn’t want to miss anymore, this would be it: Boots’ N° 7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask. I discovered this magic in a bottle by pure coincidence a couple of years ago when I was visiting friends in London. I was browsing a Boots store in search for a certain beauty product I couldn’t get in Switzerland and saw this mask on display. Since I have rather dry skin and always like trying new products, I thought why not give it a try. Even more though that it was on a special 3 for 2 offer. (more…)