Guys! I have some serious beauty news to share. And it’s worth so much more than my usual “Catches of the day”. A couple of weeks ago, lovely Grace from BE. Love Grace told me about her fabulous new beauty online shop where she sells Asian sheet masks and asked me whether I was interested in trying them out. Since – as you know – I’m quite conscious about ingredients, I first wanted to know a bit more about those masks. And Grace was able to clear up all my questions. Not only does she scrupulously list all ingredients in a leaflet which she includes in each package, but those sheet masks also work with powerful natural ingredients. Now I was convinced, really curious and ready to try them out. What you do now is you buy a subscription for either one month (CHF 15.00), three (CHF 40.00) or six months (CHF 75.00). Each package you’ll receive from the 5th of the following month includes three to five masks according to a monthly theme. Very reasonably priced, eh? And what I really, really liked was the fact that unlike most subscription plans, there is no auto-renewal system and no hidden costs. All prices are inclusive of shipping and taxes. This subscription system is definitely fair and transparent. And now check out what I got in my first package:

And how lovely everything is packaged! Pure joy! Check out the samples and the adorable scrunchy Grace included in the April package:

And a very informative leaflet comes with each package:

And the masks: The April package included three masks with the theme “Hello Spring”: A natural oatmeal sheet mask, a natural tox carrot sheet mask and a real tea chamomile sheet mask. I tried them all and let me tell you: apart from the fact that my husband thinks I look like a freak with a sheet mask on, I *loved* them! So refreshing. My face felt deeply hydrated, dewy and luminous. Can’t wait to start trying out the May masks which just arrived. Fantastic job, Grace, really! At the moment available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein only, so let’s hope Grace expands her business soon!


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