Happy holiday season, peeps! There is nothing I don’t like about this time of the year. It encapsulates so many things I love: cozy nights at home, spending time with family and friends (even more special this year – first Christmas for our baby boy!), fun party invitations, decorating the home – and baking cookies. What I like even more than baking cookies, is decorating them. See what I came up with to decorate some chocolate sablés and orange cookies:


Chocolate Rudolphs:

Glaze the sablés with dark chocolate, add a little red chocolate lentil for the nose, two candy eyes and draw the antlers with white ready-to-use icing.


Orange Mittens

Coat the cookies with a glaze of orange juice and icing sugar, then quickly add white nonpareils, a light blue snowflake (I coloured some sugar paste icing, rolled it out thinly and cut out the snowflakes with a cookie cutter) – and top with a piece of candied orange.




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