Call me a beauty freak

Oh hey there, strangers! I’m so sorry *again* for the radio silence here on The Roaring Prettiness! The reason for me going completely M.I.A is that I became a mum in April, and as you can imagine, it is life changing, overwhelming, fantastic! And also, time just flies when you have a baby, which is why I came to realize I cannot go on with my blog the way I was used to. But that doesn’t mean I cannot do anything, does it? So, I started thinking.

I knew, if I wanted to go on with my blog, I needed something that doesn’t take as much time as my usual blog posts, but that I can still do on a regular basis – and of course that is super fun to do. Now. As many of you know, of all the things I love to write about, beauty is my total favourite. It’s my thing. Heck, I’m a total sucker for those cream pots and tubes and whatever container those products come in. My beauty cabinet is overflowing, and still do I never get enough of trying out new things. Plus, I also read a lot of books and magazines about beauty products and their ingredients, and by now I’d say I know what I’m talking about.

The more I know about beauty products, the more I get obsessed with testing every product for their ingredients. This way I found out that sometimes the price tag has fooled me. I bought expensive products from well-known and high-end beauty brands, but more often than not, they use cheap and unhealthy ingredients in their products. This fact made me switch to natural beauty brands. Well, mostly. Excuses are made for extraordinarily superb products.

Well, you’ll see, as I will post all my beauty products – one at a time. The range will go from face creams to nail polishes and from shower gels to perfumes. Literally everything I use (and that’s *a lot*). I will tell you what it is, why I use it, whether it is organic or why I make an excuse, and where I got it from. That’s it. Very pure. Very simple (and so will the pictures be). I thought I start with about 3 products per week, so stay tuned on The Roaring Prettiness, and if I find the time, I will also do my Sunday posts on whatever else I like and used to talk about on my blog.


Do you like my new idea? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!


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