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Did you know that most shower gels are chock-full of sulfates? Sulfates make lots of foaming bubbles, help you to stay fresh, and leave your skin smelling clean. Nice, right? But did you also know that sulfates are also commonly used as pesticide and herbicide, i.e. to kill plants and insects? And also to wash the grime-encrusted wheels of your car? Sulfates are highly toxic, cause skin irritation and really dry it out. They even promote hormonal disruptions. Ah, the list goes on. Yikes! And shockingly enough, even so-called natural cosmetic brands use sulfates in their shower gels. But don’t you worry. After a bit of research I found out that there are still many sulfate free alternatives out there – and they’re delicious. Here is a selection of shower gels I use regularly:

shower gels

I especially like “Gingembre Rouge” (not to mix up with just “Gingembre” – which I don’t like too much) and “Fleur de Figuier“. Very nice consistencies, both silky soft, and so delicious!

Another French brand I adore. All their shower gels are ultra-gentle plant-derived, and smell good enough to eat. In the picture you see the “Thé des Vignes“, but whenever I’m in France, I stock up on all their different fragrances. Love them all!

Errr, yes, I love French beauty brands – and Nuxe makes no difference. I already adore their Rêve de Miel face cleansing gel, so I also bought the shower gel with its mouth-watering aroma of honey and sunflower. Yum!

shower gels

Another French brand, another amazing shower gel. With 7 essential oils, and enriched with organic herb extracts. I bought it at Globus (for you Swiss out there), but you can also order it online (for example on

5. I AM
My husband’s favourite shower gel: “I am – grapefruit & bamboo“. Fruity and super refreshing. “I am” is Swiss supermarket Migros’ own natural cosmetics brand and (unfortunately) only available in Switzerland.

Weleda is also a superb Swiss natural cosmetics brand. All their shower gels are free of nasty ingredients and smell amazing, but I especially like their Wild Rose Cream Body Wash with its richly nourishing rosehip and organic essential damask rose oil which together provide a delicate mild fragrance.


Other good brands which don’t use sulfates in their shower gels are Cowshed (a bit on the expensive side, but absolutely fantastic), Lavera, Deep Steep (only found it in the US, so far), and Biokosma. Just make sure you avoid any product with sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfates.


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