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Hey guys! At the moment, I’m not quite sure if we Swiss are ever going to get a proper summer this year. Raindrops keep falling on my head… Ah well, it doesn’t mean we cannot at least look like we tanned on a tropical beach for two weeks. Here’s how I fake the bake:



For my body, I use ST. TROEZ GRADUAL TAN CLASSIC LOTION in LIGHT/MEDIUM. Trust me: this is the best fake tan ever. It looks crazy true to life, very natural-looking. I like that it has very little smell, goes on easily and gradually creates an even, perfect tan. It says you can use it in lieu of your body lotion on a daily basis, but I think once a week is more than enough for that little confidence boost. Since my natural skin tone is pretty fair, I went for the Light/Medium, but they also make a Medium/Dark, if you want to go for the proper South Pacific feeling.



For my face, I don’t quite like self tans – maybe because I haven’t found the perfect one yet? So, until this is the case, I rather go for bronzers. There are two I use regularly: a powder and a liquid one.

BENEFIT HOOLA MATTE BRONZER is an excellent powder bronzer. The colour is on the warmer side, but somehow works on a variety of skin tones. It really looks very natural in a subtle way. Hence, you don’t have to worry of looking cakey or orangey. There is also no glitter which I like. The application process is nice and you can build the bronzer easily. Looks very pretty on the skin.

GIORGIO ARMANI MAESTRO LIQUID SUMMER BRONZER is my current favourite bronzer by a long shot. Because it’s liquid, you can add it on top of everything else without a powdery, dry finish. It rather gives you that perfect dewy look we’re all after. At first, I found it a bit trickier to apply because it’s easy to put on too much, but as soon as you know how to handle it, it’s perfection. It’s not the cheapest of all bronzers, but a little goes a looooooooong way, since you only need the tiniest amount.


Do you have any favourites of self tans and/or bronzers? Do let me know!


P.S. The beach blanket in the picture is from Las Bayadas. Love it!



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