Oh hey there, dear readers! Sorry I have been completely M.I.A. on The Roaring Prettiness. But I shall be excused as so much has been going on in my life. But I’m back now. Talking about face masks. Especially in very busy times like now, I love to pamper myself with a good relaxing face mask. After years of trial and error I can now round up the face masks that are pretty darn good for whatever complexion concern I might be dealing with right now.

Meet the four masks that actually work and aren’t just a bunch of fake promises:



Caudalie Detox

Bought on my last trip to Paris, and I couldn’t live without it anymore. Whenever I had a bit of too much of everything, I’m opting for the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. This clarifying mask gives your skin a thorough clean, draws out accumulated impurities and toxins from clogged pores to revitalize and invigorate the complexion. It really makes my skin a lot clearer and brings the life back whenever my complexion feels and looks dull and tired.



REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Before an important event, when I want to get that certain “je ne sais quoi”, that glow, everyone is after, I reach for REN’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. It immediately reduces signs of fatigue and replaces a dull complexion with the freshest radiance. I get bright, dewy, and healthy skin in a matter of moments. This mask is my personal one-step wonder for truly radiant and luminous skin. And on top, REN products are all 100% plant and mineral derived and are free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. Which only adds to my conviction that this is a marvelous face mask.



Team Dr. Joseph

Especially during the winter months, when my skin is typically dehydrated and always in need of an extra boost of moisture, I reach for a hydrating mask. I totally fell in love with Team Dr. Joseph’s Intense Moisturizing Mask which my lovely husband brought me back from a trip to South Tyrol, Italy. No matter what the overall condition of my skin is, when I use this mask, I instantly notice a difference. It’s pumping my skin with moisture and leaves it super soft and smooth. And like REN, Team Dr. Joseph only uses the purest, high-quality ingredients from sustainable biological cultivation. And who doesn’t want just that on their skin!



The Body Shop Drop of Youth Bouncing Sleeping Mask

When I’ve had a rough day and need real treat, this is when I reach for an overnight option. Whilst you sleep, your body works to repair, heal, and rejuvenate, and overnight masks supply it with the right tools for this job. The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is specifically designed to work the night shift and take advantage of prolonged exposure to the skin. The formulation is fabulous. It’s like jelly and smells wonderful: fresh, but not overwhelmingly. Every time I use it, it leaves my skin noticeably brighter, plump and full of life come morning. And don’t worry on leaving it on the whole night: I never experienced any breakouts from the hydration boost.


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