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Hey guys! Since I’m a bit of a bookworm and I know many of you are too, I thought I start this new series where I tell you about my most recent reads and shall call it the “Roaring Book Club”. You’re certainly welcome to leave your comments with any suggestions of what you have been reading recently. Now here’s my list:

THE FRENCH BEAUTY SOLUTION – MATHILDE THOMAS – I’ve always been a bit of a beauty junkie. OK OK! A huge beauty junkie. But having looong, pampering beauty sessions on the weekend is just too relaxing. After having read this book written by Mathilde Thomas, the founder of one of my favourite French beauty brands, Caudalie, I’m even more obsessed. But not with all beauty products anymore. This book makes you want to switch to only natural cosmetics immediately! Like a maniac I checked all my beauty products by their ingredients, and you know what? It’s scary what crappy (and cheap!) ingredients even the most expensive beauty brands use in their products. I said good-bye to quite a few formerly loved products. Well written, informative, with lots of useful inside knowledge.

The French Beauty Solution

SHOPAHOLIC TO THE STARS – SOPHIE KINSELLA – As a Shopaholic fan of the first hour (nomen est omen), the latest book of the series was a must-read for me (guilty pleasure alert). Now, Shopaholic to the Stars is still not as good as the first three Shopaholic books, but it’s again way better than the last book of the series, Mini Shopaholic, which was a huge disappointment. Although, Minnie, Becky’s little daughter, is unfortunately still a totally annoying little brat. But at least Becky is back to the old funny and lovable shopaholic who now goes crazy in Hollywood where she and her little family have moved.

Shopaholic to the Stars

DESERT FLOWER – WARIS DIRIE – I picked up this book months ago, but I always chose newer books first. Now I’m so glad I finally pushed myself to read the Desert Flower. Waris Dirie, born in the desert of Somalia, is a famous model and UN spokeswoman on women’s rights in Africa. In her autobiography, Waris tells her fascinating life story, from her childhood as nomad girl, during which at age five she had to undergo the disturbing ancient custom imposed on most Somalian girls: circumcision – a terrible torture that’s still practiced and that still kills thousands of little girls. Waris also tells about her extraordinary escape at age 12 when her father attempted to arrange a marriage with a 60 year old stranger, how she came to Europe, leading to a career in modelling – and another one as campaigner against female genital mutilation. The language is probably not the most distinguished, but the book is so bold, inspirational, exciting, sad and funny, all at the same time, that I couldn’t stop reading it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Desert Flower

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS – AGATHA CHRISTIE – On September 15, the 125th anniversary since the birth of the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, my local radio station aired broadcasts about her life and books, all day long. It made me remember that I still had a book of hers in my bookshelf which I never read: Murder on the Orient Express. That was the time to pick it up. Refreshingly old-fashioned, well observed, with a satisfactory twist at the very end of the book.

Murder on the Orient Express

BRINGING UP BÉBÉ – PAMELA DRUCKERMAN – Or why French children aren’t pains in the neck. Are you also that annoyed by those many whining spoilt brats around you? And even more so by their complacent parents you cannot talk to anymore because they’re so engrossed by their brood? Me too! Now this is such a fun and intelligent read for you! No matter whether you’re with or sans kids. This is actually more of a social criticism. So good and once more: a definite must-read!

Bringing up Bébé

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