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When I was in Sils-Maria this summer, I found these seriously pretty dried edible blossoms from Reto Raselli, an organic farmer from Swiss Val Poschiavo. Several mixes are available and the ones I got is the “Blumenmischung” (flower mix), a colourful mix of organic marigold, sunflower and cornflower. They’re soooo pretty! I bought two sachets, convinced I’d soon come up with an idea on how to use them. And while you can sprinkle them on literally every dish (salad, pasta, dessert, you name it), I suddenly had the idea of making white chocolate bites. They’re so easy to make, are seriously delicious, and make a wonderful treat or hostess gift. Here’s how I made them:

You’ll only need:
White chocolate
Coconut oil

and for the top:
Pecan nuts (for the crunch)
Freeze-dried berry mix (for the tanginess)
Dried edible flower blossom mix (for the eye)

White chocolate bites

Before you start, give your freeze-dried berries a rough chop and set aside. Then chop the pecan nuts and quickly roast them in a frying pan or in the oven. The roasting is well worth it because it really deepens the flavour of the nuts.

Then take as much white chocolate as you wish. Just make sure that you take one teaspoon of coconut oil for each 100g of chocolate. The coconut oil helps the melting process and also adds a nice subtle coconut flavour. Chop your chocolate and together with the coconut oil place it in a metal bowl set over a pot of simmering water. Remember: White chocolate is much trickier to melt than milk or dark chocolate because it has a lower burning point. So, keep your heat turned very low and melt veeery slowly. Gently stir until completely melted. And also remember from this former post that any contact with liquid will ruin the melting process and turn the chocolate grainy. Therefore, at no point cover the bowl as this will cause condensation.

Once your chocolate is melted, dollop small disks onto wax paper and top with the roasted pecan nuts, the freeze-dried berries and the edible flower blossoms.

I found the freeze-dried berries in a health food store, and for the edible flower blossoms you don’t necessarily have to go to Sils-Maria (although it’s a shame not to go there) – they are also available online.

Now pop those bites in the fridge for an hour or so to harden them faster, then gift-wrap them nicely and make some peeps happy!

white chocolate bites

white chocolate bites


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