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I love Bath – and this time I don’t mean my favourite room in the house, but this dreamiest most picturesque town in southwest England which looks just right out of My Fair Lady. I visited Bath for the first time last year after my boss’s wedding and didn’t know what to expect, but only after a couple of hours strolling around, a big fat smile plastered onto my face, I decided this little town made it straight into my personal Olympus of all-time favourite places on earth (and I’m picky; not many make it there!).

How to get there

Well, I always suggest to drive to the UK (given you live in Europe, of course). First of all, yes, it is an island, but there is the Eurotunnel which takes you from Calais, France to Folkestone, England in as little as 30 minutes. With the time difference, you arrive before you left. Ha! And secondly, Bath is a shopper’s dream come true. And of course, you can carry much more in a car than on a plane (unless you’re flying private…). But if you insist, it’s best you get a flight to Bristol.

See & do

Bath is not a big city. Everything is within walking distance which makes it extremely convenient being a tourist. I suggest: soak in the prettiness of the old town, stroll along the iconic Royal Crescent, enjoy the totally laid-back atmosphere and get yourself charmed by the happy people around you. Bath is seriously the friendliest place in the UK. Visit the abbey and the original Roman Baths and if you wish, soak in the waters at the contemporary Thermae Bath Spa (not my cup of tea, I have to admit; it’s way too busy for my taste). Shop till you drop, and then relax on a boat ride on River Avon and let the day end in one of the many amazing restaurants. The best meals in the UK, I’ve always had in Bath.


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Eat & Drink

Bath has such a fantastic restaurant scene, it’s hard not to find something you’ll like. Here are the two places we go back over and over again – and they never disappoint:

The Chequers – award winning British food in a charming atmosphere and super friendly staff. Simply fabulous.

Marlborough Tavern – Outstanding British food in this modern gastropub, as well. Super friendly, charming, cosy. Top notch, to say the least.


Bath has a very fine choice of lovely hotels and charming bed & breakfasts. I personally really fell for The Queensberry. Perfect location, stylish interior, and the most charming Italian bar keeper/concierge/waiter imaginable. Other great addresses are Brindley’sThe Royal Crescent or the recently opened Gainsborough Bath Spa, right next to the Roman Baths.


Bath is fantastic for shopping. Be warned: you might end up buying things you don’t need and spend much more than intended because the shop assistants are just too lovely here (best example: Jo Malone). I don’t want to list everything here, there is something for each taste. My favourite store Anthropologie, for example, just opened its doors in Bath last year – literally one week before we arrived. If that’s not good planning! Also note, that Bath has one of the finest selections of interior stores. My favorites. Brissi, The White Company, India Jane and Savannah Home. And here we’ve come full circle: go to Bath by car. Enjoy!

Have you some good tips on Bath as well? Let me know!


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