Call me a freak, but I do love my clothes and I do love them organised. I blame my Zodiac (Virgo – in case you were still wondering). Now this is an awesome app for you.

Closet+ is the Swiss army knife of style assistants. It’s a wardrobe organiser at its best. OK, it’s a bit of work in the beginning, but so worth it. And so much fun. You start by taking pictures of all your clothes – or as I do whenever I buy something new: download a picture of your new piece from the internet.

IMG_4579 IMG_4143C5397_BK0001 cn9100371 IMG_3646 IMG_3782

Now you can organise all your clothes by category and subcategory. For example: Category “Tops”, subcategories “Tees”, “Blouses”, “Sweaters”, … You name it.

Closet+     IMG_4627

Next step, create your outfits – also by category and subcategory. For example: Category “Work”, subcategories “Autumn/Winter”, “Spring/Summer”. Quite brilliant, really. Because sometimes I have an item in my closet I haven’t used in ages because I just don’t know how to combine it anymore. Then I buy something new and *poof* – match made in heaven with said old piece. In order to not forget the brilliant combination, I create an outfit on Closet+. Simple as that!

Then, there’s the packing lists. As you all know, it can be quite a bit of a prep to decide what to bring on a holiday – and thus pack. In the past I’ve had a bit of a ‘throw it all in and see’ attitude to packing outfits. This usually meant I packed way too much and ended up not wearing half of it. Now with Closet+ I can plan my outfits in advance, and still have the flexibility in what I wear but at least I don’t find myself with a suitcase full of clothes I can’t combine and missing all the vital pieces.

IMG_4629    IMG_4635

And there is so much more you can do with this app: tag your favourite clothes and outfits, plan what to wear by adding your items and outfits to the built-in calendar, add notes (e.g. where you got the item from) and what it cost – and Closet+ will tell you the cost per wear.

Closet+     IMG_4630


Do we need such an app? Probably not. Do we want one? Hell yes!


* Photos via Maje, Tory Burch, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Shopbop


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