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Hello again! I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately which forced me to skip blogging last weekend – despite some pre-prepared posts. But I’m back now, fully inspired and with plenty of new ideas. So keep checking The Roaring Prettiness out!

New York is a city so vibrant and constantly evolving, it can feel almost overwhelming with all its options, streets and places you can load up. And even though I lived here, it’s easy for me as well to miss the best places because of the sheer amount of choice. On our last trip to New York, we therefore decided to mix in a few new spots to the usual old time favourites. And found some true gems. One of it we discovered by pure coincidence because a restaurant we wanted to try out closed for lunch literally 5 minutes before we arrived. And this when we were starving! But just around the corner we walked into the Hudson Clearwater which was still open for lunch. And it was such a real deal spot! Cool vibes, cozy setting, and delicious food and cocktails – what more can you ask for? I’ll be sharing with you the salad I had and for which I went back the next day. Seriously, just for this one. That’s how good it is. I tried to recreate it at home and it came out just like in the Hudson Clearwater:

Beets, cooked
A handful of arugula
Crushed Pecans, slightly toasted (for the crunch element)
A few finely sliced mint leaves
Red wine vinegar, olive oil

Hudson Clearwater salad ingredients

Cut the beets into squares, mix them with the arugula, capers, pecans and mint leaves. Place everything over a blob of ricotta cheese, then season with some ground pepper, a liberal pinch of salt and a splash of red wine vinegar and olive oil

Doesn’t this look good?!?

Hudson Clearwater salad

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