Nail polishes

Once again it’s this time of the year: spring in its full bloom is here! And with the first ray of sunshine I not only change my wardrobe from dark and gloomy to bright and happy, but also my nail polishes. Below, I’ve compiled a list of my spring/summer favourites – from a classy shade of nude to the perfect coral red. Well actually, the scanner didn’t really catch the colours quite right and neither could I correct it with iPhoto, but you get the idea from my descriptions and there’s always Google Images. So, type in those nail polishes and check them out!

And not to forget: no manicure is completed without a top coat. I’ve tried many, but this one is by far the best: Seche Vite “dry fast top coat”. It dries in a flash for a glossy and long-lasting finish.

Nail polishes

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