Asian facial sheet masks are the next big thing. I was first introduced to those beauty miracles on our trip to China in 2013. Every evening when coming home, our hotel in Beijing would have left a Goji Berry sheet mask on the pillow. I was thrilled by this pleasant gesture! Because after a day in this fascinating, but absolutely crazy city, there is nothing you need more than a little in-room pamper session and those sheet masks were a true revelation.

Most sheet masks are made out of a lush natural fiber or cotton infused with different active ingredients which in turn soak into your skin. What’s the difference to a standard facial mask? The sheets masks lock the moisture and the nutrients in and force your skin to absorb them before they have a chance to evaporate. The immediate effects are amazing! After only one use the face feels deeply hydrated, dewy and luminous due to all the moisture it absorbs. It goes without saying that I had to hit the next beauty store and stock up on those little miracles.

There are dozens of sheet masks available. My own selection:

P1060048 P1060052

Those are the leftovers from our China trip. Ba Yan Ka La is a body, hair and skin care brand rooted in Chinese herbal traditions. Can you get it in Europe? I have no clue. But if you find out, do let me know!

Sephora Lotus (hydrating & soothing), Pomegranate (antioxidant & energizing) and Pearl (whitening & brightening) Masks. I found them in Shanghai, but you can get them in Sephora stores all over the world.

Back in Switzerland, I did some research on where I can restock on my beloved Asian sheet masks and found Yumi Hana – a Korean and Japanese specialty store in the heart of Zurich (Schützengasse 4, by the main station).


For once, I left out the food section and went straight to the beauty rack. Hello there, Korean skincare heaven.


The lovely shop owner explained me all the different sheet masks. They sell two different ranges of Mijin Cosmetics masks:

  • The seven-day concept MJ CARE DEWY DAY, a series of high-performance hydration sheet masks. Depending on which additional benefits you’re going for (resilience, nutrition, vividness, agility), you can choose between different supplementary nutrients. Honestly, I couldn’t really warm to bee venom, snail and placenta extracts, but the collagen and platinum masks are superb.
  • A bit less scary sounding are the MJ BSC ESSENCE MASKS which are enriched with highly concentrated plant stem cells that help renewing the skin. I went for lotus and edelweiss (I’m Swiss after all).

And then, there is the luxe version, the Charcoal Hydrogel mask of Shangpree Spa Care System. Intensely hydrating this one as well, plus the charcoal helps remove excess sebum, impurities and dead skin cells. A purifying and refreshing treatment.

P1060056 P1060054

Still not convinced? Those sheet masks are totally affordable and an inexpensive way to treat yourself. The Korean masks from Yumi Hana cost between CHF 1.50 for the cheapest and CHF 4.00 for the “black label” luxe version. Got ya!

So, if you’re not doing this already, start immediately! Because it’s official now – sheet masks are the best!

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